Association Activities

CAFII will develop and implement advocacy initiatives to:

  • Communicate with consumers, government officials, and the media about the benefits of greater choice in the sale and distribution of insurance products and services.
  • Build support among government decision-makers for removing restrictions on the sale, marketing and distribution of insurance products and services by deposit-taking financial institutions.
  • Promote the Association as an authoritative and thoughtful alternative voice in discussions of insurance issues.
  • Responsive to concerns of consumers, governments, regulators, and other key stakeholders in pursuing the objectives of the Association.

CAFII will also:

  • Monitor, analyze and provide information and strategic advice to members regarding government priorities, legislative and regulatory initiatives, and other issues of importance to members.
  • Support the training and professional development needs of members to ensure high standards of professionalism in insurance sales and services.
  • Undertake research to support Association positions and objectives.
  • Provide regular educational forums for members and regulators in both a structured and informal environment