Key Policy Positions


Consumers deserve to have choice in the supply of insurance products and services. We promote an open system for the sale and distribution of insurance to fill all consumer needs. This includes integrated financial planning from a single point of distribution. We also support the development of broadened distribution channels using alternative service delivery options such as Internet, telephone and branch sales, as a way to improve choice and access to insurance products for all Canadians.

Effective and Efficient Regulation

We will work with government to create and support an effective and efficient regulatory framework, relying on self-regulation and internal standards where appropriate. We promote a regulatory framework which encourages both an active marketplace and the protection of consumers' interests. We support the development of effective standards regarding market conduct, which place the onus on the supplier to provide the consumer with cost-effective high quality service standards. Our members are committed to providing high quality training to our staff. We take pride in the competencies of our people and our service standards.

Plain Language

We will provide consumers with straightforward, user-friendly, plain language explanations of insurance product and service options. We will also provide leadership in consumer education. Educated and well informed consumers will be aware of the range of products and services available, and understand how to match products to their personal circumstances.

Harmonization in Regulation

We will work with industry and Government to achieve harmonization in the regulation of insurance products and services to enable the insurance industry to better serve its clients, and to remain competitive.